Kellogg’s isn’t Kellogg’s without Aussie Farmers

Kellogg’s produced many kinds of cereals and a lot of people had them back in their childhood. In the advertisement, it also given 2 examples of their products, “cornflakes” and “rice bubbles”. But by looking at the pictures on the ad, you can see that they only mentioned “flakes” and “bubbles”. This links back to the headline of the ad, “Kellogg’s isn’t Kellogg’s without Aussie Farmers”. The subtitle has said that without the Aussie farmers, they wouldn’t make it to where they are right now. Not many people know that they would only support the Australian farmers and where the cereals were made. This shows that they support the Australia’s culture and wanting to maintain it. If you can see in the products, the missing products for both cereals are “rice” and “corn”, which is why they have left with those words. It was attention grabbing for the audience and unexpected because not everyone would think that they would only support the local farmers.

Los Retornados – KFC

In the description, it said that KFC will be launching their new product which is “Chikadilla” with a quotation “who better to try it than someone who’s returned from the other side”. With the design of the posters, it’s very similar to the movie “COCO”. They have tried to link with their own culture which is attention catching and plus it’s only available in Portugal and the meaning of retornado is a Portuguese settler who was forced to return to Portugal from Africa during the decolonisation process. This is very unexpected how they relate KFC which is popular all across the world and them adapting the culture of each country to catch the audiences’ attentions.


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